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Are You A People Pleaser?

Are You a People Pleaser?

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Do you think you may be a people pleaser?
If you’re still reading this then chances are that you might be.
Do you find it difficult to say NO, when asked a favor, even at your own inconvenience?

Do you often consider other’s feelings more important than your own?
Are you ridden with guilt if you feel you’ve ‘let someone down’?
Do you sometimes feel angry at people who seem to ‘always get whatever they want’?

Do you overextend yourself to the detriment of your own health?

So, what does this mean for you?
The Bad News – at some point you may have no other choice but to say No. You will have to practice, for practice makes perfect. No, No, No! Good job.
The Good News – once you start putting yourself first, other’s will too. Bitterness makes space for joy. You may let yourself off the hook and chill for a bit, breathe, and enjoy your life. You deserve to catch a break. Go on, be easy on yourself and kind to yourself too, not just other’s.
So, its neither a good or bad thing, it’s a testament to your sensitivity and faith in humanity, so, go ahead and be a people pleaser but include yourself in the ‘people you choose to please’.

If you feel that you grapple with this idea and that you don’t know how to get your power back from people who you give too much too, then book a session with us. Telephonic sessions are available to help you find the balance of again. Whatsapp or Call me on: +27 81 394 2871 to book now.