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Out Of Touch

Out of Touch

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Last week at the licensing office, I observed whilst in a queue for 5 hours that our best way to pass the time was with our electronic devices. I find it quite fascinating how we would do just about anything to avoid spending time with ourselves or with our own thoughts.  Are we denying ourselves the absolute pleasure of our own company? Are we actually so out of touch even though we are so within reach? 

I watched how as people sat, the first thing was to automatically take out their phone and begin typing, posting, checking for likes and updates on social media. I observed as I did it unconsciously, as well as when I wasn’t consciously reminding myself to remain present, enjoy the time and to just be. To disconnect from the external, silence the mind’s chatter, just breathe and go within. 

We are constantly seeking external validation and coming up short, we should try seeking it within instead. When we pause to observe, we may notice that our very breath validates us. Our beating hearts cement our presence in this physical reality. The physicality of this human existence demands from us attention in the presence, which isn’t always possible if the phone keeps buzzing keeping us on high alert. This state of alertness is consuming a lot of our body’s vital energy, leaving us feeling tired, fatigued and restless.

We can get back in touch with ourselves by  disconnecting from the external, including all electronic devices and sit in silence with ourselves, even if for a mere 10 minutes just once a day. If we find this very difficult to accomplish, ask why? What am I afraid of? Are we so addicted to escaping the present moment that we would rather engage in mind numbing activities on the internet than face the present? 

What we may not realize is that all our power lies in this very moment, the past is over, and the future is not guaranteed. Fear cannot exist in the present, as fear is a reaction to an imagined outcome. In a universe where consciousness is expanding exponentially, now is a great time to honour the presence by being physically, mentally and emotionally present. When we show up fully the universe responds, the vibrational energy we emit can only attract more of the same according to the law of attraction. 

Try disconnecting from social media for yourself for a while and see how you feel. Test it out, don’t just take my word for it. Do your own research. Allocate time instead to have fun, to dream, imagine, create, play, dance, paint, write, draw, relax, reflect, smile, laugh, marvel at nature or whatever you enjoy doing to reconnect you to gratitude for this unique 3 dimensional human experience.

In this information age, where the information superhighway is literally at our fingertips, ignorance is a choice we make. Lets use technology to make better choices. When we know better, we do better. 

Happiness is within our reach, at the centre of you and I but let it not escape us with our escapist tendencies. Languish in the presence of of the present and honour thyself. 

Reconnect by disconnecting with the wider world and reconnecting with id. Let us help you rewire and connect to your highest self at High on i.