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Are you tired of being the villain in your life story? Whether you’re a Marvel or DC fan, you may admit to secretly hoping you could be the Hero of your own life story. Especially as real life is no comic book, it’s very real with very real emotions and very real feelings. Now usually, the villain starts off in the story as a ‘good’ person, whatever your idea of good is at that point. When something happens, some seemingly cruel twist of faith and this ‘bad’ thing happens, it hurts the person very deeply and the pain then allows the person to lose faith in God and humanity, and becomes a villain. A villain can then be regarded merely as one who has lost faith. When we take what happens in life personally as if the world is conspiring against us, and adopt the ‘poor me’ syndrome, or victim mentality, and then we relinquish our own power and render ourselves powerless.

If we are evading all responsibility for creating this life, we give our power willingly to those we ‘blame’ for our problems. Do we realize we always have all the power in life to live the life of our dreams, our lives are in our own hands. Take responsibility for your part in creating all of it, the good, bad and the ugly. Admit fears, learn, grow, evolve.

As human beings, we are conscious creators of our reality. It is very much an integral part of this human identity. Do you know you are creating your experiences with every thought you think, the more we think about it, the more attention we give, the more we fuel it, the more we feel it, the more we create it. Our thoughts are literally becoming our words, actions, feelings and experiences. So focus all attention only on what you want, never think of what you don’t, for as you think it, you are attracting it to you. This is why we require a retraining of the mind and utilising the power of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP therapy can help us change those thought patterns and frequencies to emit better thoughts. 

Heroes face fears with faith, do you have faith in God, yourself, your journey? Fear is a prerequisite for Bravery, what is a hero, if not brave? Hence assuming we can be heroes without first assuming all responsibility for every experience we have ever had in our lives, is a fundamental misconception.  Are you a visionary, do you have hope for your future? How flexible are you, a hero works with what they have and often relies on blind faith to see the goal is achieved. 

Not all heroes wear capes! Are you ready to be the Hero in your story? 

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